Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Where the movies have no names

A couple days ago, the studio revealed the name for the newest James Bond film. It's to be called "Quantum of Solace" after a short story in Ian Fleming's "For Your Eyes Only". I have never read the story, nor have I ever read an Ian Fleming, even though I do have a really handsome boxset I got for 50 dollars:
I know I know. Why wouldn't I read these things? Especially since it's such a handsome boxset? I dunno. I have one million billion books that are gathering dust on my shelves so I stopped buying them. Honest. Seriously. I honestly have.

Anyway, the new James Bond movie is going to be called "Quantum of Solace" and according to the Wise Wikipedia, the story is a thinkpiece™ about the dramatic lives of people in contrast to the superficial spy life of Bond.

I kind of like the title. I was reading on CHUD that Devin Faraci doesn't like the title. It's too serious is his complaint. But the story seems angsty and certainly the themes of the new film will be angsty - in a completely different and more parkour way than the story. What we know is that Bond is angry and will seek revenge for the death of his loved one from the previous movie. And if it's anything like the previous movie, Bond will just walk through drywall and people to get to the evildoers. Yay!

So they released a poster, probably one not used in theatres, but a poster nonetheless.
And that's pretty cool. It uses the same typography as Casino Royale and uses the same colour scheme. However, the major problem here is the sheer amount of text in the bottom. If this is a teaser poster, then we don't need to know the name of the director or the name of the star. Or even the words "James Bond". Simply the title and the 007 and the "coming soon". Oh what's that? You can't visualize it? You can't see it in your mind? Oh, well let me fire up the PhotoShop engine, or even easier, the Microsoft Paint engine. Let it warm up... and bang:
And that's the way to do it. I removed the "coming soon" because it was redundant being alongside the November 2008. If you have a scheduled release date, why bother putting "coming soon" and the scheduled release date? Oh you crazy poster designers. Of course I kept the studio logos because I'm sure if I removed them or something, I'd have lawyers e-mailing me... Please don't e-mail me; I'm not litigious. Also, I got rid of the actor's name because everybody knows who this hunk of manmeat is and I blasted from space the director's name because nobody cares who directs a James Bond movie except for hardcore James Bond fans (and by that I mean fans who are hardcore - I don't mean fans of hardcore movies starring James Bond - although...).

I like the title of "Quantum of Solace". It's fancy-dan enough to be original. It's also keeping in line with Fleming's more... interesting titles, such as "You Only Live Twice" or "The Living Daylights" - both of which don't really mean anything, yet have a hint of respectability. According to Craig, Bond has yet to receive a quantum of solace for the death of Eva Green's character - a quantum being really really really small.

I suppose for most of the movie, Bond will be what the English called "po-faced".

Seacrest Out.

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