Friday, February 15, 2008

Frugal Fridays!

Today we have a very small Frugal Friday, as I have no money. At all. Probably never again. Anyway, today the object of our Frugal Friday is... the hardcover edition of Ultimates 2.
Now, I have all 13 issues in floppies that I purchased for 20 bucks, plus the annuals. But since I already have the first volume of the Ultimates in hardcover, I had to get the second volume to complete the set. I've already spoken at length on my love of the Millar-Hitch team, so I won't really waste your time with my heaps of praise.

In fact there's not much to really say about Ultimates 2 that hasn't been said before by most of the Internets. Hitch's pencils are amazing in this volume, maybe even better than in the first. Millar's Tony Stark is less of a caricature in this volume, especially without that annoying Shannon Elizabeth cameo like in the first volume.

In terms of story, Ultimates 2 does follow a bit of a pattern set by the previous volume. In fact, at the same juncture, there's a superhero battle between themselves, ie the Hulk, and then Thor. Both of those battles are spectacular. Following the fight, there's set-up for the big bad of the season, ie the Skrulls, and then the Liberators/Loki. The problem with the second volume is that most of the last two thirds of the story is taken up with the "wolf in the fold" idea that eats up a bit of time before the s**t hits the fan. It just seems almost like filler. But that's me. The Chitauri setup in the first volume is so epic and so dangerous. You feel as if the stakes are really really really high. That sense of danger isn't as high in the second volume, even if the United States is being crippled.

But oh well. The widescreen summer blockbuster style of comics isn't for everybody. Sometimes I like my art to be pop.

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