Friday, February 29, 2008


Today after work, I was hanging out with some boys at the bar, and I got one of the boys to buy me a shot of The Glenlivet, in celebration of a promotion I just got. We had The Glentlivet 12 year old and it was 7 dollars and 84 cents for the f*%&ing thing. So first we had a tequila shooter, which I don't do with lemon or lime or whatever bullsh*t people do with it. I take it like a man. Then we had the scotch (?) afterwards. Now, I took my tequila like a man. No faces, no grimaces, no shuddering, but that Glenlivet, I don't think I've ever made such a disgusted face. It was ridiculously gross. Disgusting. I was shuddering for like half an hour. But I was buzzed.

Now I'm going out with my friend's wife's friends (weird) because I'm an honourary member of Team Va-Jay-Jay (aka the girls). Sweet!

Oh yeah, these boys have something to say

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