Monday, March 24, 2008


Sorry about the weekend break; I had Easter dinner and I also went out for some drinks. Now, I'll just pop in, give you a quick update and whatnot.

I started watching Kubrick's The Killing, but I fell asleep, so back to the beginning. I also started watching Sidney Lumet's Prince Of The City, which 15 minutes into it, I was digging. I love Lumet's naturalistic style and I love cops.

As I've said in previous posts, I plan to do some fun things this summer. One of them is have a vision quest, another is to ride some horses, McCarthy-style. I will definitely keep the posting up during this. I also thought of another thing I'd like to do. I want to drive to California. Not fly, not swim, but drive. Going on the open road, blasting the tunes, the windows rolled down, me and somebody special in the seat next to me, whoever that might be, but all of this, all of this bullsh*t that I've gone through will be dust floating into the empty night sky, and all that is ahead of me will be beautiful open land, as far as eyes can perceive.

I'd like to take Route 66, but instead, I'd be taking 63-B, which doesn't sound nearly as exciting. I'd like to go to San Fran, San Berdoo, LA, Sacramento, and San Diego and the OC, and everything. But I'd probably only take like a week and a half off work and stay for about two days in CA. It would take two days to drive to California from my present location. The simple fact that I can do it excites the sh*t out of me. I don't even care where I go as long as I hit that open road. But Cali is definitely a must-go destination.

I may also go on a trip to Vegas with my friends, who are definitely going, but I may, I may not. We'll see. Further updates are forthcoming.

Tomorrow Panic! At The Disco releases their sophomore effort, which I will be listening to and probably posting. Later I will post a review of Lumet's Prince Of The City. So y'all come back y'all.

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