Friday, March 28, 2008

All Star Superman 10

Yes, pretty much the best Superman series of the last twenty years is being written by my favourite writer and one of my favourite artists. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely seem to have produced one of the best Superman stories ever in this single issue.

While Superman gets closer to death, he travels the globe fixing random things, while at the same time, he built a mini-universe on a super fast time scale so that he could watch the development of a world without a Superman. Meanwhile, the bottle city of Kandor elects mini-Supermen to travel into Kal's bloodstream to try and reverse the damage of the solar radiation, but to no avail. Lois puts herself in harm's way just so that she has a chance to talk with Superman, but again, to no avail. She knows he's dying, but he can't face her. He visits Lex in prison and suggests that Lex won, and that now he has a responsibility to do all the great things he's capable of before being put to death, but Lex spits at Superman, refusing the challenge.

There's more that happens in this issue, too. This is one tightly packed comic book, featuring the entire history of a planet and Superman flying through the head of a giant robot. We've got great character moments (Lois and Superman) and great action scenes (the giant robot). We've got beautiful introspection from Superman, and we have him saving the world by defeating a mechano-rampage.

I'm not sure if there's anything else I could ask from a comic book. It's beautifully drawn, as Quitely has this amazing ability to show dynamic fluid panels as well as all-too human movements and poses. It's got a complex chronology in one issue, going back and forth in time, and in the mini-universe. It's filled with ideas and it's filled with emotion.

This might be the best issue of All Star Superman. This might be one of the best Superman stories ever.

I don't want to heap too much hyperbole on this comic, but it's hard. I really loved this issue. Highly recommended.

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