Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Yeah, I haven't posted in awhile, but it's for a bunch of reasons. On Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday night, and Monday night, I went out partying with friends, drinking lots and generally having a real good time. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday have been my film catch up time, while I recuperate from my copious imbibing. The films I watched were
Run, Fatboy, Run
I Am Legend
Gone, Baby, Gone
Into The Wild
The Ice Storm

Now I don't really have the energy to post a review for each individual film, so let me be brief (for a change)

Enchanted was charming and funny, and Amy Adams is stupendous, but the film was over-long. Run, Fatboy, Run was also charming and funny but mired in rom-com cliches. I liked I Am Legend more than I thought I would, but the creatures were irritating and CGI'ed up the wazoo. Atonement was, of course, awesome. I will do a whole post on that. Ben Affleck's directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone was pretty fantastic, but I'm biased as I enjoy Dennis Lehane a lot. Into The Wild will get its own post, but allow me to spoiler alert my own blog: I loved that movie so much. Finally, The Ice Storm was a repeat, as I'd seen it before, but Criterion put out a splendid two disc set today, and it's still a damn good movie.

So that sums up my week pretty much. I'm going to get back on the blogging horse, but I needed a break, a vacation. So tomorrow we resume regular content, with a review of Neil Marshall's Doomsday which I am going to see in the theatre tomorrow night.

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