Friday, March 7, 2008

Frugal Fridays!

Today is Friday, and I received my tips, which means I spent them on things I don't need. This Frugal Friday is a bit bigger than last week, but still fairly small. Let's take a look, shall we?

The Perry Bible Fellowship is the maddest, most deranged, most funny comic strip in existence. The humour is so dark and twisted, but the art is just so incredibly gorgeous. The artist and author, Nicholas Gurewitch has such an astonishingly diverse range of styles and skills. This book is a collection of strips, that aren't really linked together by common characters or themes. Superficially, it seems very simple: three panels, one gag. But there's so much going on. With some jokes, the gag is subtle enough that I need to read it a second time. A lot of the gags twist our expectations of childhood things, or innocent things. Often, the humour comes from the comic possibility of unbelievable tragedy. Gurewitch often anthropomorphizes things such as vegetables, planets, jars, animals. But the jokes will come from the inherent personality of the inanimate object, like in this extremely well drawn example which is called "Bad Apple":

Anyway, I strongly recommend and urge you to purchase The Trial Of Colonel Sweeto And Other Stories.

RASL is Jeff Smith's new comic and it's great. I think. I don't know. There's a lot to be explained and a lot to happen, but otherwise, this is a decent first issue. Rasl is an art thief with the ability to move through dimensions - I think. He steals a Picasso and ends up in an alternate universe in which Dylan isn't called Dylan, but his birth name. Then he gets chased by a rat-faced guy in a trenchcoat and then something happens, I don't know what. I really really enjoyed Bone. I have the one volume edition and I've read it a billion times. Smith's cartoony yet dynamic moving art is tremendous. He's such a talent. Since Bone was so terrific, I'm willing to lay it on the line for RASL. Let's see where it goes from here.

The last thing I got today was a cheap copy of Fantastic Four/Iron Man: Big in Japan, which I've read before, and loved, but never had a chance to pick up the collected edition. Let me the millionth person to say that Seth Fisher was an amazing artist and I was choked when I found out he passed away. His art was so lively and zany and out of this world and so detailed. To have Fisher draw all these big monsters and have the FF and Shellhead go at 'em is pure heaven. A plot isn't even necessary, but luckily there is one, and it's terrific.

So that's the end of this week's Frugal Friday. I spent less than thirty bucks for all of this. Next week, there is practically nothing new coming out that I desperately want or need. No Country For Old Men is out on DVD, so I'll probably be picking that up.

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