Friday, March 28, 2008

Frugal Fridays!

And another installment of Frugal Fridays is upon us. Here's what I bought:

Rising Stars Omnibus
Global Frequency issue 1 through 12
The Mighty Avengers: The Ultron Initiative
JLA Titans: The Technis Imperative
The Mist: Two Disc Collector's Edition
Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Escape From New York: Two Disc Special Edition
Panic! At The Disco - Pretty. Odd.

My my my my, this was a big week for me. Okay, let's begin.

I'll start with the last, Escape From New York. After seeing Doomsday and feeling pretty not-so-good about it, I got this strong desire to see Escape From New York again. But, I saw that the two disc-er was expensive and not in stores. If I wanted it online, it would run me 40 dollars or more. Not fun. So I went to the used DVD place, and picked up a used copy of the single disc release. But then, I just happened to glance in the new DVD section of the store, and lo and behold are not one, but two copies of the two disc-er for 16.99! Too good of a deal to pass up. Anyway, long story short, I love the movie and it gets better with each subsequent viewing. I plan to rent the sequel just to see how terrible it is....

Next, we have the Rising Stars omnibus, which retails for about 80 bucks and I got it for 35. Sweet. I'd always wanted to read that story, but never had the chance. I'm about halfway through it and I'm digging it. Not the world's greatest comic, but it's good.

I also got a set of Global Frequency in the single issue format, which really works better considering it's twelve issues of done-in-one. It's Warren Ellis and it's really good. My favourite issue is the one with Steve Dillon on art chores, not just because I love Steve Dillon, but because the issue is about a memetic virus from space! Sweet.

The Mighty Avengers issue 1 through 6 is put into a nice hardcover called The Ultron Imperative, whatever the hell that title is supposed to mean. Bendis on script, Frank Cho on art, it's a good match, but holy God was it late. I like the widescreen action and the beautiful art and the plot is fast-moving. This ain't Watchmen, but it's entertaining. It's a shame Cho couldn't keep up with the monthly format; I'd love to see him do more.

I saw The Mist in the theatre, on a free sneak preview, and after seeing the end, I vowed never to see it again. Without spoiling the ending, let me tell you that's it's devastating. But I purchased the two disc-er if only for the black and white director's version. I've watched about half and it looks really sweet. It masks a lot of the not so good special effects while retaining this groovy old-school atmosphere.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore is an under-rated Martin Scorsese pic from the seventies from just before he made it huge. It stars Ellen Burstyn in an Oscar-winning role as well as Kris Kristofferson, a pretty decent actor. I've only seen it once, and I picked up the film at the aforementioned used DVD place. It was cheap.

Finally we have Panic! At The Disco's second effort, Pretty. Odd. I'm going to post something about the album later, but let me just sum up the entire album for you: a huge diverse collection of Beatles quotations. Yeah, not so great.

So that's Frugal Fridays this week. It was pretty outrageous, but then again, I had a good week in tips. Okay, so I will see you on the flipside.

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