Thursday, April 17, 2008

Again, Marvel sucks.

Remember a long time ago, when I complained about Marvel keeping trades out of print. I was talking about Walt Simonson's run on Thor, and how two out of five trades were out of print. Yeah, well, Marvel is fairly annoying. Here's another item that super annoyingly out of print: Grant Morrison's Marvel Boy.

Drawn by J. G. Jones and published under the Marvel Knights imprint, this is the story of Noh-Varr, a Kree warrior who comes to Earth and causes a ridiculous amount of havoc. All of his powers are Morrison-ion epic metaphysical powers, and the whole six issue mini-series is this balls-to-the-wall Kirby-style action extravaganza.

Here's what it makes it even more annoying that it's out of print. First of all, J. G. Jones and Morrison are teaming up again for DC's Final Crisis, so if Marvel reprinted it, they could advertise it as the original combo, the better combo. Also, Noh-Varr has made appearances in the Illuminati mini-series written by Bendis, and in the first issue of Bendis' Secret Invasion, the major super crossover of 2008. Why not reprint it as the first adventure of the guardian of the cosmic cube (which is what Noh-Varr's been up to). And if I'm not mistaken, does he make an appearance in Annihilation Conquest? Maybe.

It's so frustrating because the mini-series is extremely good, with great art and great writing and Noh-Varr is obviously a good enough character to enter the mainstream Marvel canon. THe trade will run you about 80 dollars on Amazon, and the individual issues will run you about 40 dollars on eBay. That's outrageous.

Don't even get me started on frigging Flex Mentallo, Morrison and Frank Quitely's absolutely perfect four issue mini-series about the superhero genre. That's been out of print since it was printed, and I can't afford the one hundred bones to get it off eBay.

F*%& you, Marvel and f*%& you DC for keeping these two masterpieces out of print.

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