Friday, April 11, 2008

Frugal Fridays!

Jeez, it's already April 11th and it's Friday, so let's take a look at what's been purchased the past week.

Duma Key by Stephen King
I'm not going to lie, I'm a huge fan of King. There's something about his lackadaisical storytellin' that's homespun and old school that really hits the spot with me. The grandiose epic of the Dark Tower also made me love him for more than simple cheap scares. The premise of
Duma Key is that this guy is in a terrible construction accident and he loses an arm, so he moves to a tropical locale and paints with the remaining arm and then strange things happen with the paintings. This is a more character based horror than, say, Cell. This might be closer to Rose Madder, which is fine with me. I have six billion books to read, and I didn't really need to buy this. Oh well. Here's hoping it's good.

Lonely Planet's Guide to California

I picked this up with my girlfriend, because we're planning on driving to California for two weeks, as per my summer plans. According to her, this is the better guidebook because there's no ads, there's lots of information and not a lot of filler. So on her recommendation, we went halfers on it (or we went dutch, depending on your slang preference).

The Punisher Volume 4, issues 13 through 26 and 32.
Slowly but surely, I am going to pick up the complete Garth Ennis run on
The Punisher. I've been eyeing the hardcovers for the MAX series, but I've been a little wary considering I already spend way too much money on things. Anyway, I've been focusing a lot on the Ennis and Dillon collaborations rather than Ennis and somebody else. This run features a very funny team up between Wolverine and Castle, as drawn by Darick Robertson, and the return of Joan, from Volume 4, which is a very tender and funny and violent episode. Ennis has that remarkable ability to infuse real depth in such ridiculous characters.

The Authority: Scorched Earth
With this one-shot, I have completed my entire Authority run, with the exception of the Devil's Night annual, which is terrible and I see no need to include it. This particular one-shot sees the supergroup fighting the Sun, or rather the personification of the Sun in the form of former Stormwatch member, Winter. It's a decent story, but the art is over-rendered. It's okay.

So that's my Frugal Friday for this week. Hope you have a great one. I know I will.

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