Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay

I really liked the first one. It was surreal, it was funny, it was touching and it had a lot of good lines to quote. I'm not a stoner, and I don't normally do stoner comedies, but Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle was plain funny. So I was jazzed about the sequel.

In the second installment, we pick up literally minutes after the first one ended. Harold and Kumar are off to Amsterdam to surprise Maria and on the way to the airport, they run into an old flame of Kumar's, the one that got away. It turns out that Vanessa is marrying an Brooks Brothers-wearing douche and Kumar regrets letting her get away.

On the plane, Kumar has brought a smokeless bong, but when turbulence hits, the white people think it's a bomb, or poison when the smoke escapes. So they get thrown into Guantanamo Bay and are almost forced to eat a "cockmeat sandwich". Anyway, they escape and travel from Cuba to Miami to Texas to meet up with Vanessa and her fiance at the wedding where the douche can help the boys get out of trouble.

They meet a whole bunch of wacky characters, smoke a lot of weed, watch Neil Patrick Harris eat a bunch of mushrooms, and they finally end up at the wedding.

Following the same sort of pattern as the first film, the second Harold and Kumar tries to go for a more epic approach, and a more political approach as well. When the film is making fun of the government, it's at its funniest.

What's nice is that there's some real character development going on between the two leads. Of course we all know what archetype Kumar and Harold fall under, but it's their growth that makes the film almost but not quite touching.

Also, is it just me or Kumar kind of chubby in comparison to the first film? Oh well.

I don't know. If you liked the first one, you'll probably enjoy this one. What can you possibly ask from a movie like this? It's not high art. It's not even middle art. It's low art done fairly well.

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