Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Late Frugal Friday and a Mini-Reviews!

So I've had the flu for the past little while, which is why I haven't been posting. And I missed this week's Frugal Fridays! because frankly, I haven't really spent any money. So I'm going to do a mash-up of the two things....

The Punisher: The Tyger

Here's another one-shot by Garth Ennis and drawn by John Severin about the early years of Frank Castle, from before he was sent off to war and from before he wore the skull on his shirt. This story follows a ten year old Frank as he grows up in Queens (I think, or Newark) and is introduced to the poetry of William Blake. At the same time, a kid about Frank's age connected to the mob is going around getting girls pregnant. Since they can't say anything, they have abortions or commit suicide. Using pretty elegant comparison, Ennis draws symmetry (an important part of the poem) between the poem and the monsters that Frank sees in real life, from the son of the mobster to his father to the kid that finally gets revenge on the mobster kid. There's always going to be monsters, the story concludes. It's quite a good explanation for Frank's quest, other than the death of his parents. Again, Garth Ennis seems to be the only character to mine any depth out of The Punisher. I would call him the definitive writer.

So I bought that, and I also went to this huge book market in a mall and picked up these two gems:

The Quest For Karla by John LeCarre, which is an omnibus of the Smiley trilogy in really good condition, but no dust jacket.
and Where I'm Calling From by Raymond Carver, a not-so-good condition collection of Carver's final stories.

The both of those for 5 bones. That's a good Frugal Friday buy. Okay, well, I'm still sick and I'm going back to bed.

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