Thursday, April 10, 2008


It's been almost a week since I last posted, and it's because of fun-fun-fun. I'm on vacation right now from work and from other responsibilities until later today. I have to clean the house and do some laundry, so while I'm doing that, I thought I'd post about what I've been doing the past week, and I'll do it in the form of Mini-Reviews.

The Ruins

The movie was good, the book was perfect. Without going into crazy spoilers, the last third of the film version is very very very different than the second half of the book. The adaptation is done by the author himself, so I can see why some changes were needed. There's a certain plot development in the book that won't really translate well to an audio-visual version of the story, and I understand why it was cut out. I can't say I loved the movie as much as I loved the book, but as survival horror films go, this is a pretty intense workout.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

I had wanted to see this in the theater, but circumstances stopped me from seeing it until last night. I managed to watch the unrated extended version, which apparently features more frontal male nudity and more Patrick Duffy, I guess. I thought the film was funny, if sometimes glaringly obvious like a foghorn. John C Reilly has been one of my favourite actors since Boogie Nights, and it was awesome to see him in a lead role. He has no problem carrying the entire film. Of course, it helps that the film is packed with terrific comedic actors such as Kirsten Wiig, Jenna Fischer, Tim Meadows, Chris Parnell, Jonah Hill, and of course, the infamous Beatles cameo, which is easily the highlight of the entire film. So I enjoyed the movie, certainly, and I enjoyed the songs greatly, probably more than the film itself.

The Nail

Yes, Alan Davis is the man, dog. His three issue Elseworlds tale that's high on action and Silver Age characters and low on introspection and metaphors. This is high octane balls-to-the-wall featuring a huge cast of awesome timeless DC characters. It also helps that Davis' art is fantastic, and he's obviously learned a lot about story and plot from one Mister A. Moore. And I think the sequel's just as good, if not more action-y.

Earth X

I got the entire Earth X trilogy this week, and I've finished the first part. Here is a series that is so steeped in Marvel mythology that anybody without knowledge of it is going to be lost forever in this labyrinth of ancient history. It saddens me, though, that the Celestials are painted as the bad guys, even though I've always found them to be fairly hardcore. The art is kind of muddy, but it improves with the second and third parts of the trilogy. I like Alex Ross' paintings, but in small doses, so this thing actually appeals to me more than Mark Waid's overly religious Kingdom Come.

Amazing Spider-Man 555

In part two of Zeb Wells and Chris Bachalo's Brand New Day arc, Spidey is stuck in a blizzard and is attacked by an ancient Mayan god while the mad scientist that Spidey saved earlier is madder than originally thought. Here's some classic Spider-Man action for you with some terrific artwork and a fairly perfect way to slowly move subplots along. If it wasn't for the dubious retcon that preceded Brand New Day, I'd say that this current arc is one of the finest non-important Spider-Man arcs of the past few years.

So later today, I will post about the new Fantastic Four release and maybe about the ClanDestine hardcover I picked up earlier this week. See you soon!

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