Thursday, April 24, 2008


Today's Mini-Reviews! is not theme based. I still have another couple Garth Ennis works to get through before I get on reviewing them. So let's take a look at two new comics from this week.

Justice League of America 20

This is one of those done-in-one stories that are normally filler, but this one is written by Dwayne McDuffie and drawn by Brian Bolland Ethan Van Scriver. The Flash and Wonder Woman stop the Queen Bee and H.I.V.E. from stealing some sort of a matter transporter or something like that. This is supposed to be a character issue, in which we get into Wally West's head and figure out what makes him tick or something like that. Not only is this boring, but it's also been done in the pages of The Flash's own title by better writers than McDuffie. This was a thoroughly unimpressive issue, just like last month's issue was. Also, the art was ludicrously inconsistent. I love Van Scriver's art normally. He has a very detailed and expressive style, but on this issue, Wonder Woman looks like one hundred different women, most of whom are not as beautiful as The Flash believes Diana is. Both characters change appearance from one panel to the next. I'm thinking either ghost-artist or terrible inker. I dunno.

The Mighty Avengers 12

Okay here we go. A major part in the Secret Invasion crossover, this issue "rewinds the clock" (Bendis' new favourite buzzphrase) and follows Nick Fury from the events of Secret War to where he is now. With stunning art by Alex Maleev, this Bendis-penned issue might be is the best issue of Mighty Avengers yet. Here is a crossover tie-in issue worth reading. But on the other hand, my brain is screaming shenanigans. Here's why. First off, there's no Mighty Avengers in this entire issue. I didn't know this title was called the Mighty Nick Fury! Also,couldn't the story told in these 22 pages be done as a two panel flashback in the pages of the actual story, Secret Invasion? Cash grab for a soulless corporate editor-controlled story? Maybe. Or I can just enjoy it as a good ol' fashioned Nick Fury yarn. I think I will. I'm still jazzed about Secret Invasion. Especially if Maleev is involved.

So that's it for this Mini-Reviews!. Join us later for more Ennis stuff.

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