Friday, May 2, 2008

DC Universe Zero

Yeah. It's literally a 50 cent advertisement for the next year's big events. It's supposed to be a primer, right? I'm supposed to know what the f*%& is going on, right? Man, I know my DC history and I was confused. Who the hell are all these people? Who is that guy? Why is George Perez's pencils so unimpressive? What is going on?

The only good part was Libra talking to the Secret Society of Villains and getting them all pumped up for the war, the war that was fought in heaven and that has already been won by evil. That sounds awesome.

Whoever this new god (or New God) is, I'm hoping he or she is hardcore enough to take on Superman and Batman and Wonder Woman and Green Lantern and J'onn Jonzz and the muthaf*%&in' Flash. Whichever Flash it's going to be.

Aw yeah, let the Grant Morrison mindf*%& begin.

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