Thursday, May 22, 2008

Fantastic Four 557

The last three issues of Fantastic Four have been good, but not f*%&ing great. The Millar-Hitch team is capable of so much more. So now we come to part four of the "World's Greatest" arc, the introduction arc to Millar and Hitch's 16 issue run. So far, this has been on time, but we're only four issues into the damn thing.

So in this issue, C.A.P. or whatever, is taking out every possible hero with no problem, and is taking out missiles and silos and what have yous. But Doctor Richards has an Anti-Galactus suit, which is really just a stupid looking mechsuit from a bad 80's-era anime show, and he takes out C.A.P. with just one punch but doesn't like to talk about it all that much. Then, Alyssa makes her move, gets rejected and the Richards enjoy a sweet anniversary dinner in the past while Johnny's supervillain affair heats up. A nanny gets introduced, and I guess her name is suppose to mean something. She's probably another Agatha Harkness pseudonym or something. Finally, Doctor Doom shows up at the Baxter Building and wishes to see Mister Fantastic.

Okay, before we go any further, read Bully The Little Stuffed Bull's comments on this issue.

This issue was mediocre. The big bad gets hit with one punch and is out. The setup for the next arc is sloppily done, and was done better in the previous issue. The art is sketchy and rough. Really?

Remember when I said that sometimes Millar is awesome when he just throws out ideas Grant Morrison-style? Yeah, not so much in this issue. Millar lobs some dumb ideas at me, and they make no sense.

The other thing I'm sort of pissed off about is that Millar and Hitch aren't doing this with any previous continuity. Nothing that Mark Waid did or any other writer is being taken into account. Johnny Storm had some character development before this. What happened to it?

And finally, I'm sort of pissed off about the laziness of introducing a bad 80's-era anime mechasuit that nobody has ever heard of and that Richards never bothered to mention before. That's just bad writing.

This was a mediocre end to a fairly average arc. Millar and Hitch - I gave you free passes on the first few issues, cause they were kind of entertaining. Now, I expect a lot. You better deliver.

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