Thursday, May 29, 2008

Final Crisis 1

It's here. The supposedly final Crisis, and this time it's written by Grant Morrison and drawn by J. G. Jones. So is it any good? Well, I'm not going to talk any spoilers in this blog post, which is uncommon for me, so if you wanna know what happens, go buy the issue.

As he said in interviews, Morrison opens the issue with Anthro the Cave Boy and ends with Kamandi the Last Boy, which is a neat little thing. He also has the death of a major DC character (happen off-page, no less) and the death of a former JLAer from Morrison's own JLA run. There's lots of quick Morrison style dialogue and the two villains, Libra and the Human Flame are fleshed out very slightly.

Other than Morrison's own fast pacing on the book, there is nothing really new to this issue. I haven't seen anything happen that I hadn't already seen in the past two years in DC. The gathering of the villains? Check. The death of a major DC character? Check. The appearance of a bunch of Monitors? Check. It's all been done, but at least this time it's being done by the one-two punch of Morrison and Jones.

Jones' art is terrific on this issue. There's only one panel (a face shot of Superman at a weird angle) that I didn't think was gorgeous and was simply mediocre. The rest of the art is worthy of a bucketful of superlatives.

I really liked this issue, just because it made me excited for the next issue. In comparison to
Secret Invasion, the sh*t doesn't really hit the fan, but that's not Morrison's style on event comics. Every piece of the puzzle has to be put into place, then he unleashes, like with Rock of Ages or World War III.

So if you wanna know what happens, go buy the issue. It's totally worth it. I look forward to next month's issue. Hopefully it ain't late.

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