Friday, May 9, 2008

Frugal Fridays!

So, last time I had a Frugal Fridays! I promised that I would be much more frugal, closer in line with the title of the series. Well, this week, I followed my budget a little closer, and managed not to spend a bazillion dollars at the comic book store. So what did I end up purchasing?

Adventures in the Rifle Brigade issues 1 through 3
Adventures in the Rifle Brigade: Operation Bullock issues 1 through 3
The Boys: The Name of The Game tpb
Secret Invasion issue 2
World War Hulk tpb

You'll notice that - yes - I purchased more Garth Ennis stuff. I picked up the two Vertigo mini-series for 6 bucks a pop, so that was pretty cheap. I read them very quickly and laughed out loud quite a few times. It's very broad and low humour about the British Rifle Brigade and their misadventures in the second World War. This isn't a character study or anything like that; it's just a bunch of caricatures running around killing Nazis. Very enjoyable.

I got the first trade of
The Boys at the US price, so that was good. Apparently this series is supposed to out-Preacher Preacher, which I find unlikely. The Boys is about a secret government wing of mercenaries who keep the outlandish superheroes in their place. Of course, there's all the requisite Ennis jokes and ultraviolence (and hoo boy is it violent!) but so far it misses all of the heart of Preacher. Then again, it's only been running for 19 issues.

The big release in trades this week was the
World War Hulk trade. Lovingly written by Greg Pak and stunningly drawn by John Romita Jr, this 5 issue mini-series was the big Event comic done right. I cared about the outcome, I cared about the characters, and it was engaging and a big deal. I missed my opportunity to pick up the individual issues and their variants (holy crap do the variants go for big prices now) so I have the trade in my hot little hands. It's very enjoyable.

So this week, in comics, I spent 50 dollars or thereabouts. In my budget, I have 150 dollars for miscellaneous. It's only May 10th, however, and I've used up one third of my budget. This means that the next week's Frugal Friday (and the next) will be tiny. Okay, so that wraps up this Frugal Friday! See you laters.

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