Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet the family

Instead of reviewing a Garth Ennis comic or talking about whatever crap movie I saw this week, I'm going to do a bit of an autobiographical post. You can't talk about pop culture all the time, can you?

So we know I'm male. We know I'm Canadian. We know I like Garth Ennis and The Authority. But what else do I like?

Dogs and cats.

So today we're going to meet my family and all, the creatures great and small. First off, we have Vandy, named after Martha and the Vandellas, a successful Motown group of the Sixties. Even though she's called Vandy, we also call her The Peanut, because she's small for her breed. She's a white German Shepard, which is not an albino dog. Here's a picture of her.

She's very playful, but selfish. Doesn't know how to share with other dogs. She's rude and pushes her way through anybody. She loves to snuggle in the morning and in the evening, when everybody has gone to work. She has her specific spot on my bed, and when I wake up, she's always there, even though she sleeps elsewhere during the night. She's nine years old, so about middle age, and she's very healthy. She can run like the lightning and loves to chase after balls or whatever. She's my Peanut.

We also have a new(er) addition to the household, and her name is Sadie. She's about a year and a half old, thereabouts; we're not sure because we adopted her. She's some sort of a mixed breed, so who knows what she is. I'm sure if I knew anything about cats, I could tell you what parts of her are indicative of which breed, but I know nothing.

In this photo of Sadie, on the right, there's also Stinkee, on the left, who is the official office cat at my dad's work. Stinkee (which is a terrible name) lives there and here on the long weekends or on vacations, so somebody can watch her. Stinkee used to be my favourite cat, but that position has been taken up by Sadie.

Sadie has some trust issues, from her old family, so we have to be mighty patient with her. Slowly but surely, Sadie has come to realize that I'm not going to maul her or pull on her tail, so she has been tentatively coming to me when I sit still. She runs away in fear sometimes, but that's been happening less and less. In fact, last night, she and I had a nice nap while watching "Deserts" . Which is awesome.

Sadie loves her pink ribbon. All you have to do is pull it around her and she becomes this little kitten, batting at it and biting it. You can get her to do caterobics, if she's in a playful enough mood. She's very small in comparison to Stinkee, who's fat.

Stinkee loves to climb up on my shoulder, which is in direct contrast to Sadie, who ignores me when she can. Stinkee needs attentions, but isn't sucky or pathetic - she lives to be the centre of the universe. She also is excellent at killing mice. Lots of them: as you can tell by the photo.

There's also Missie, another white German Shepard. We put her to sleep just last summer, so she hasn't been gone long. She was my Princess, my favourite dog in the whole world, even though she was evil as they come and didn't much care for anybody in the last couple years of her life. When she was a puppy, I picked her out based on her ability to sleep through anything, and when she grew older, she slept even more. However, she was still playful and loved her people. If she had opposable thumbs she would have dominated the planet, or at least tried, Pinky and the Brain style. I miss her terribly.

So that's my pets. My girls. They're definitely bad pets at times, but otherwise, I love 'em to death. Everybody should live with pets. They make your troubles in life seem inconsequential. I couldn't have gotten through the bad times in my life without them or my parents.

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