Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Mighty Avengers 13

Oh lord.
Secret Invasion marches on. In the last issue of The Mighty Avengers, we took a look at where Nick Fury has been and what he's been up to. I concluded that it was the best issue of The Mighty Avengers, and was satisfied. But, just like normal, Bendis screws it up.

The thirteenth issue shows Daisy Johnson going to all these super-powered people and signing them up for the new Howling Commandos. That's it. Nick Fury makes a three page appearance and for two pages of that, he's disguised as Ultimate Nick Fury.

"You have superpowers. Wanna join?"

This is repeated, like, five times. 22 pages of it. I've never been more annoyed by a single issue. This is decompression at its worst, people. This is Bendis writing for the trade. No longer do we write single issues of things - we write trades and then break it up into chapters. This entire issue could have been done in two pages, in a nice double page splash.

The positive side? Alex Maleev's pencils could NOT be any more awesome. His photorealistic style is getting better and better, and still retaining a style that is his own. I absolutely loved the art in this issue. It was better than any issue of Daredevil he was on.

As much as Secret Invasion tickled my fancy before this, I'm getting bogged down in blah issues and blah main story. There's too much and the quality is too low. Bendis, you have improved from your House of M, but you still have a way to go before you can write a classic gigantic Event comic.

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