Thursday, May 1, 2008

New Avengers 40

With the newest issue of New Avengers, we rewind the clock to the beginning of the Skrull's plan for world domination, with the help of Jim Cheung on pencils, a much needed breather from Leinil Yu's pencils. Another Secret Invasion tie-in? Why yes...

We're introduced to a female Skrull and a king Skrull. They have an argument because the female knows Galactus is a-coming. The king disagrees. Years later the Big Purple eats the planet and the Skrulls come crawling back to the female one and she and her "science priests" devise a way to completely duplicate the genetic code and neural pathways of whoever they want. They strategically choose who they're going to replace and then the female Skrull says that she wants in. The head science guy says "Who?" and the female says "Whoever can do the most damage" and then we see a picture of...



Okay. Ugh. Could Bendis be more in love with the same ten characters? Luke Cage, Dr Strange, Echo, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Jessica Jones, Daredevil and Spider-Woman and a couple others. His entire Marvel oeuvre is based around the same set of core characters. Whatever.

So we can safely assume that Spider-Woman, the triple agent for Hydra, SHIELD and personally for Nick Fury is actually a quadruple agent playing all of them against each other for the Skrulls. That's kind of cool, but also kind of confusing. I wonder... this makes me want to go read the Secrets and Lies arc from New Avengers to pick up on any clues.

This issue was boring. I don't care about any of these Skrulls. I don't give a crap. I want to read about Avengers, not Skrulls. Gah. The pencils were nice, but not wow. The dialogue was adequate, but there was a lot of info-dumping.

This does not make me jazzed for Secret Invasion. It just adds more information to something I already know. I'm tired of rewinding the clock. I wanna see some ass-kicking now. Enough backstory. Get Nick Fury back in charge and blowing sh*t up. Okay?

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