Thursday, May 8, 2008

Secret Invasion 2

Here we go with another issue of Secret Invasion by Brian Michael Bendis and Leinil Francis Yu. The first issue wasn't a disappointment so hopefully the second issue won't be. Let's take a look.

All of the Avengers, secret or not, have gone to the Savage Land to find a ship that's crash landed. The passengers of the ship are a bunch of 70's era super heroes. In this issue, they fight for about fifteen pages, and we slowly realize that most of them are Skrulls. Tony Stark gets into a secret lab underneath the Savage Land and begins building a new suit of armor. The "real" Clint Barton sees that there's a Mockingbird amongst the Skrulls and he asks her to prove who she is using a special date that only the both of them know. Satisfied that she's not a Skrull, Clint lets her into the Avengers. Wolverine and Luke Cage are mighty pissed about that. We cut to Manhattan, where the Young Avengers are looking up at the Baxter Building where a huge portal(?) is opening. A ship comes out, and a bunch of Super Skrulls with hero-specific powers emerge, ready to take over. The invasion ain't so secret anymore. Here's the shot, which looks pretty cool.

So it's really a fifteen page fight scene that's moderately hard to follow. I say moderately because it's not the art, it's the fact that it's hero versus doppelganger. The art is surprisingly crisp. Again, it's like Leinil Yu realized his problem of over-rendering, and has cut down on that. Bendis on the other hand, has spun his wheels on the second issue already. This entire issue is decompression - writing for the trade. Nothing of note happens other than putting Tony Stark in a lab, putting Mockingbird in a precarious position, and having the Skrulls invade Manhattan. All three of these things could have been done in less pages, allowing for more plot. I'm thinking eight issues for this mini-series isn't really going to be as fast-paced. They should have gone with 5 like
World War Hulk. But that remains to be seen. We're only at the second issue here with Secret Invasion.

To sum up, I liked the art (amazingly enough) and wasn't really impressed with the story other than the final double page spread. I guess we'll see what Bendis has up his sleeve. I'm sure there's more revelations to be had.

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