Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kick-Ass 3

Wow. It's been awhile since I've read Mark Millar and John Romita Jr's Kick-Ass. In fact, the second issue came out in the beginning of April. Jeez. Alrighty then, let's take a look at the third issue and see what's shaking.

Dave is a phenomenon now, thanks to YouTube and his stand against the Puerto Ricans. He's got thousands of friends on MySpace and dozens of e-mails asking for help. He struts around school like a cool muthaf*%&a and is hanging out with the resident school hottie (who thinks he's gay and he's pathetic enough to play along). He decides to visit a local drug dealer who's been making harassing calls to his ex - the ex who asked Dave for help via MySpace. So Dave shows up, makes some threats and gets beaten up. Until this little kid sows up with a huge katana and slices and dices the sh*t outta the drug dealers, including slicing one big guy's head in half. Gross. And we end with a To Be Continued.

Same positives and same negatives with this issue. JRjr's art is beyond superlatives. Millar's writing relies too much on current era hipster stuff like MySpace (which is falling to the wayside, if you ask me). With this issue, however, he's setting up a fairly okay subplot, with people wanting to follow in Dave's footsteps and crossing the line and murdering. It's interesting, and perhaps a chance for Dave to grow as a character, but he is still not someone I really want to root for.

And can I just say that these are some of the most brutal fights I've ever seen in a comic book? Just nasty bloody messy affairs. Not that I'm complaining - I like it. If this title has anything going for it beyond JRjr's art, it's the quality and the realism of the fights. I like 'em.

Now that we're at the halfway point of this series, I think I will admit that I like it. I'm not sure I will in the collected format as each issue seems to have a pattern and will grate on my nerves in one sitting, but in a monthly format, I'm digging it. Okay Millar, show me what you got next.

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