Sunday, June 1, 2008


I don't really want to spend a billion hours reviewing these, so I'm just going to go ahead and "Mini-Review" them. So here we go.

All-Star Superman 11

I reviewed the tenth issue a while back and thought it was pretty much the perfect Superman story. Well... in this issue, Solaris makes an appearance. Yes, the tyrant sun from DC One Million. With an army of Super-bots, Kal-El puts on a protective suit and punches the tyrant sun into submission. Yeah, that's right, Superman punched a red sun. And Luthor's plan comes to fruition and he now has superpowers while Superman is close to death. I cannot wait for the final issue in August. This is a great comic and a great series. This might be the best Superman story I've ever read, or at least, one of the best. It's better than Alan Moore's Superman stories. Yeah, I said that.

New Avengers 41

Well, finally we see some Avengers in an Avengers comic. And again, the back story running in New and Mighty is better than the story running in Secret Invasion. Maybe not better, but more satisfying. I'm excited to read the big picture that Bendis is laying down. Anyway, in this issue, Spider-Man gets separated from the fight in the Savage Land, and meets up with Ka-Zar and Shanna, who tell him of their perspective of when the New Avengers showed up in the Savage Land and got blown to smithereens. It's fairly obvious now, but those SHIELD agents were Skrulls and were mining vibranium to make weapons. One of them drops a major hint and says that they have a Skrull in the New Avengers. Does this mean Spider-Woman? Who knows? Anyway, it's a decent issue with some decent art. Just another piece of the puzzle.

Giant-Size Astonishing X-Men

Whatever. I haven't been reading this very closely, and I haven't been impressed since the first arc and the third arc. Otherwise, it's been a rather average X-Men series with some decent dialogue and some decent art. It pisses me off that Whedon did away with the Grant Morrison/Frank Quitely costume designs right away. OH well. In this issue, it can't possibly be a shock that Whedon "kills" Kitty. But not really as the death is so inconclusive it's only a matter of time before someone brings her back. Boring. Also, the art was fairly inconsistent in this issue. If I waited months and months for this, I would expect pretty f*%&ing good art. But instead, we have a Ben Grimm that looks worse than the penis-head Ben Grimm drawn by Bryan Hitch and Cyclops and Colossus look so similar that they're interchangeable. I wasn't terribly disappointed in the plot itself, but in Whedon's execution. He always throws in those stupid moments, like when Brand tells Beast that she's frikking hot for him. Those are the words she uses. Gah. Not everybody talks like Buffy, okay? Can Whedon write another voice other than that? I think not.

That's it for this edition of Mini-Reviews!

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