Sunday, June 8, 2008


Kind of a big week for comics. There's a bunch of titles I wanna read, but haven't got the money so.... Anyway, here's another batch of Mini-Reviews! for ya!

Detective Comics 845

I haven't read any of Dini's run on this title, but I've read enough reviews to think that maybe this is worth reading. And yes, it is worth reading. A done-in-one story about a new serial killer, this issue continues the ongoing idea of Edward Nigma as a private detective, a great concept that Dini plays with very effectively on this issue. With terrific art by Dustin Nguyen, I was really impressed by what Dini managed to accomplished in so little time. It's too bad he doesn't play fair with the central mystery, but any comic that has Detective Chimp chatting online and using "lol" is a good comic.

Amazing Spider-Man 561

Nope, I haven't read any of the other two issues in this three issue arc, and I probably didn't need to. Dan Slott and Marcos Martin serve up a well-written and well-drawn Silver Age style Spider-Man adventure featuring a confused villain, great Parker-wit and enough forward movement on subplots to keep me reading the next issue. Parker is apparently one of the paparazzi and he's after this famous movie star, who's shacking up with Mary-Jane Watson (who Parker has never met - groan) and this new villain, Paper Doll is a teen obsessed with the movie star. They fight in the movie star's mansion while MJ and Parker trade jokes via intercom. It's a well written scene. The art is fairly terrific, emulating that Romita Sr vide while still being slick and modern. I think we can all agree that Slott's a good writer, so let's call this issue good.

The Boys 19

Holy infodump. I had trouble finishing this issue. The first issue of a new arc about some sort of war plane and the military industry complex and a clandestine meeting between the Superfriends and the Boys. The art by Robertson is overly sketchy and dark and uninteresting and the plot itself moves nowhere fast. I didn't laugh once and I was bored by the incessant exposition. I love the first 18 issues, but this is a bit of a clunker. You'd think Ennis would be able to set up an arc smoother than this. Yeesh.

Ultimates Origins 1

In a word: boring. Mostly a flashback issue, Bendis and penciller Butch Guice take you back to World War Two where Nick Fury, Wilson Fisk and James Howlett are doing stuff like robbing the invaders. Fury gets thrown in the brig and then gets thrown into a secret facility where they give him super-soldier serum and same with Logan but in Canada. Apparently this mini-series is going to tie all the threads together but I guessed at the events in this first issue already. Not impressed. The art was predictably good though. Guice is a classic penciller, kind of like Neal Adams, but not as stylized. The story however... oy.

Trinity 1

Sure why not? Three titles for Batman, two for Superman, one for Wonder Woman, one for a team-up of Bats and Supes and one for all three called Justice League. Aren't there enough Big Three stories out there? This one, however, is a weekly and written by Kurt Busiek and drawn by Marvel defector Mark Bagley, who's been drawing Spider-Man for almost 20 years. This first issue sets up a lot and is fairly okay. The art's predictable and acceptable, the two words that best describe Bagley's art. I don't know. This wasn't necessary.

Tarot - Witch of the Black Rose

This week I'd thought I'd check out one of Chris Sims' favourite series ever, a masterpiece by Jim Balent about doing it and being naked and having big gazongas. And what an issue to start with. Tarot gives us some background information about herself, her jumblies and her faux-lesbian relationship with a were-cat - whatever the eff that is. Anyway, there's some tatas and some mellons and some fun bags and some hooters and some bahama mamas and some tig ol' bitties and the list goes on. I've never read a comic before that was - first of all - so damn serious, and secondly, so full of the mammaries. The plot, if one can call it, is that some kid was collecting faeries with naked jugs, of course, and they're dying (decaying to skeletons, save for their twins). So a male counterpart to Tarot who keeps the balance between magic and man (what the f*%&?) has to kill the entire family of the boy. Then Tarot cries and goes home to the were-cat (whatever the eff that is). Wow. Terrible art, terrible dialogue, terrible plot, terrible terrible terrible. This might be the best thing ever.


Anonymous said...

I really liked Trinity #1. As a Bagley fan it's fun to see him draw all of the DC characters. I especially liked the Flash vs. Clayface scene.

As for the other two previous issues of Amazing Spider-Man? You should totally read them. They're equally good. Also in this run of Spider-Man, Peter and MJ HAVE met. They've mentioned it in previous issues. (And if you look on the second to last page of the issue, Pete still has a box of MJ's stuff). It's just they never physically meet in this issue.

matthew. said...

Whoops. My mistake.

Yeah, I like Bagley's Batman. But his Wonder Woman has that "big nose" problem that a lot of his female characters have.