Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Dark Knight

I finally saw it. I finally got the g/f to go see it (thanks, babe!) and now I get to bask in the afterglow of having seen
The Dark Knight, which might be one of the best superhero/comic book movies ever made. As soon as I left the theatre, the first words out of my mouth were, "That shit was dope!"

For those of you living under a rock,
The Dark Knight is the sequel to the reboot Batman Begins, both of which were directed by Christopher Nolan, who has yet to disappoint me with anything. In this sequel, The Batman has been established and has teamed up with Lieutenant Gordon to take down the mob, so the mob hires the mysterious and anarchic Joker to take out the Batman. Combine all that with a new up and coming D.A. by the name of Harvey Dent and we have a big mess for The Batman to deal with.

There's so much happening in this movie, and it barrels along at such a ridiculous pace, so there's a lot of plot. There's also a lot of big themes, or rather
themes, being looked at, such as the dichotomy between Joker and The Batman and their symbiosis. In fact, the whole movie is about the differences between a hero and a villain, or rather the perceptions of the differences.

Illustrating not only the differences between the anarchic Joker and the order-seeking Batman, but also the differences between the legitimate white knight Harvey Dent and the underground dark knight.

More than once, the Joker says he's not a schemer and he doesn't have a plan, but every step he takes is much more intelligent than he lets on. He's a planner of the highest order, and he's pleased to have met his match with The Batman, also a ridiculous planner.

As well, with all the big themes and visual motifs and whatnots, there are some badass action scenes. The opening bank robbery (with obvious echoes of
Heat) and the semi versus Batcycle bit. Every action scene is filmed so competently and without any confusion as to what is exactly happening on screen. It's a breath of fresh air from films such as National Treasure 2.

All of the acting was terrific, including Heath Ledger. I'm sure they'll toss an Oscar at his corpse, because he definitely does a fabulous job. Best Actor worthy? Maybe not. However, a special shout out must go to Aaron Eckhart who is just incredible at playing Harvey Dent. He made me believe his descent into madness and murder and that's fairly difficult to do considering his origin and his character pre-accident. I'm sad that Ledger's death and performance will overshadow any of the other actors, but unfortunately, them's the breaks.

I was also very pleased to see a great but small speaking role for one of my favourite actors ever, Nicky Katt, why oh why doesn't he explode and become bigger?

This review is going to be short, but because really, who doesn't know that
The Dark Knight is a great f*$&ing movie?

(Note: That's my favourite Dark Knight poster and believe me when I tell you that there's ten billion different posters out there. Warner Brothers are promoting the shit out of this movie!)

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