Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Fantastic Four 558

Ugh. Another month, another disappointment. The previous issue, 557, was a letdown and anticlimactic. I know that Millar putting the pieces in place like he did with all of his other works, but this is just tedious. All of the shocking reveals in this issue, all the shocking teases, are all telegraphed from six miles away. Except for Banner being revealed as the architect of Doom's kidnapping. That's just confusing. Wasn't he locked away at the end of World War Hulk? Or did he escape in the pages of Jeph (bleurgh) Loeb's Hulk title? Who knows?

Anyway, this issue was boring and I don't really want to talk about it. Hitch's pencils are decent, but Millar's dialogue is verging on annoying in this issue. He attempts to make everybody sound so smart, but all the characters come off as stilted and wooden when they regurgitate Millar's reading of the Warren Ellis messageboard.

I didn't like this and it's harder and harder for me to review this title, considering my excitement and my affinity for the writer and the artist. You're making this hard, Hitch and Millar. I want you to do so much better and I know you can. Impress me, please.

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