Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Final Crisis 2

With the first issue of Final Crisis, I enjoyed it. I thought it was an good spin on very familiar DC tropes, but with Morrison at the helm, and Jones on art chores, it's gonna be good. So what's the deal with issue 2?

It's terrific. It's better than the first issue and why? Because Morrison's ridiculous pacing (no establishing shots, no catch-up with the reader) and Jones' ridiculous pencils all convey a gorgeous sense of absolute dread and fear. There's something sinister and evil brewing with Libra and the armies of Apokalips, and with this issue, the sh*t starts hitting the fan. Also, Barry Allen comes back from wherever he was. Whoops. Spoiler alert. Sorry about that. Also, the Alpha Lanterns are evil. Whoops. Again. Man I'm terrible with this spoiler thingie. OH yeah, the Daily Planet blows up and Lois is seemingly killed. Jeez. Another spoiler.

So yeah, all these crazy things happen at an incredibly fast pace - densely plotted as per Morrison's JLA-style - and pieces are put into place to make this a terrific story. I absolutely love Morrison's grand action style - nobody writes the dialogue better than he does and nobody makes it as dense as he does.

This is superhero fiction at its best, I think I'm going to say. If only Jones could keep up the art (Carlos Pacheco is on hand for the last three issues I think), then this would be awesome.

In two issues, Morrison has made me more excited about the DC universe than any other writer working in that sandbox. I look forward to what comes next.

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