Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Mighty Avengers 16

Did you ever wonder how and why Elektra was replaced by a Skrull? Well, The Mighty Avengers 16 is the issue you want to read.

We rewind the clock back to New Avengers 1 and show that it was Elektra (the Skrull) who paid Electro (haha) to hit The Raft. We also rewind the clock to see when Elektra gets hit, and she goes out with a bang. She kills a bunch of Super-Skrulls before she finally weakens for an instant and gets killed. Very nice. Then she infiltrates the Hand and becomes their leader. It's also revealed that Elektra was chosen to be the Skrull that gets killed and reveals the beginning of the conspiracy. End of story.

In a word: meh. Khoi Pham's pencils are acceptable and Bendis' dialogue is standard. The plot doesn't fill in any major holes other than who hired Electro (that's very helpful, actually) and doesn't advance anything. So whatever.

I suppose once I get to read the entire Secret Invasion thing in one sitting or a couple sittings, it will flow a lot nicer. So far, the entire thing has been one slow moving train. I look forward to the second half because the shocking twists will start to come. Let's go!

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