Monday, July 14, 2008

The Mighty Avengers: Venom Bomb

I've tried reading every issue of New Avengers and Mighty Avengers as they're published so that I can appreciate the reveals and shocking twists of Secret Invasion. But after Frank Cho left the art chores of Mighty Avengers, the title was released with really quick speed, and I couldn't keep up until issue 13 or so. I purchased the hardcover collecting issues 7 through 11, and I'd like to talk about them for a second.

I like Bendis for his dialogue, his chronologies and his love of the bigger sized story while at the same time taking a moment to develop a character. Issue 13 of Ultimate Spider-Man (in which Peter reveals who he is to MJ) stands as the best single issue of Bendis' career and it's really only two people talking for 22 pages.

However, Bendis does have his flaws. His use of decompression is famous; nobody writes a slower arc than Bendis (maybe Geoff Johns). He also tends to writer every character with the same voice: sarcastic, prone to lots of pop-culture references and unnecessary jokes, AKA Peter Parker. But he writes everybody like that.

So when I came across Mighty Avengers 11, in which Doctor Doom has captured the Avengers, and he tells Ms Marvel to shut up, I was wondering if Bendis has EVER read a comic featuring Doctor Doom. He has a very unique diction in the Marvel Universe, and yet, this is what he says.


That's incredibly poor dialogue. I liked this arc for its big dumb loud fun action: three double splash pages in a row. That's fun. I liked the time travel issue, I liked the Ares stuff. I liked it mostly. I also enjoyed the role that Spider-Woman plays in this arc. Very clever, Bendis, very clever.

I just didn't like that Doom bit. Female characters in Bendis comics always seem to get it worse. Here's a list off the top of my head: Spider-Woman and Wolverine
in the shower(!), Tigra being beaten on camera, Jessica Jones being mentally abused by the Purple Man, Ms Marvel being called a fat cow, the list goes on. Kind of disturbing.

I look forward to the next collection of Mighty Avengers comics.

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