Sunday, July 13, 2008


A quick one this time.

Ultimate Origins 2

I reviewed the first issue here, if you're interested, but to sum up (like I did in the review): boring. Anyway, with this issue, I guess the story is moving. It's a single issue origin of Captain America that fleshes out his passion for enlisting. Kind of a nice character piece, but as a "secret" origin of the Ultimate universe - I wasn't impressed. Unlike the previous issue, the pencils are fairly rushed and bland looking, like Guice ran out of time. Not a good sign considering there's three more issues to go. On the writer's side, Bendis' dialogue is fairly strong, and convincing of the period, but the story lags slowly, just like usual. Not recommended.

Detective Comics 846

Again, the previous issue was reviewed here, and the same creative team is responsible for this issue. Dini and Nguyen bring back Hush for whatever reason in this "Batman: RIP" crossover, even though the only thing that touches on that current storyline is a quick reference to it via Hush's narration. Ah, summer cash-ins. Anyway, this issue is fairly decent, with a gangster inspired by Aesop being hunted by Catwoman and the Batman while Hush watches in the shadows, planning his next move. Hush might be the most boring Batman villain possible. With most Batman villains, they have a cool origin, involving accidents and insanity and pure randomness, but Hush's origin makes him out to be a spoiled child with absolutely no redeeming qualities. The tragedy of Two-Face makes him a classic for example. But with Hush... not so much. This was average quality, neither excelling nor disappointing. A special mention goes out to Nguyen for getting better and better with every single comic he draws. From The Authority: Revolution to this, he's always improving.

That's it for this week. I tried reading Booster Gold 1,000,000 but was so disappointed and confused I couldn't finish the damn thing. I also read Transformers: All Hail Megatron 1 but that's review-proof, because really... what do you expect from a Transformers comic? Until next time....

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