Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Avengers 42 and Mighty Avengers 15

We continue to rewind the clock with both Avengers titles, as Secret Invasion continues to... exist? It's not really doing anything. In two issues, Final Crisis got me more jazzed than twenty issues of Secret Invasion and its spin-offs. So anyway, let's take a look.

In New Avengers 42, we get some Jim Cheung art, the guy who did the decent Illuminati mini-series, and some decent Bendis reveals. This issue is all flashback as it shows us how the Skrulls switched places with Spider-Woman, and all the underhanded spying she did for four sides... yes that's right, she's a quadruple agent. Let me list them for you: the New Avengers/SHIELD, Hydra, Nick Fury and finally the Skrulls. Confused? Well don't be. It makes a weird amount of sense. Anyway, Bendis even recycles scenes from previous issues of New Avengers, but with Jim Cheung art. Literally it's the same pages but with different art. Kind of neat when you bookend it with additional panels that show the Skrulls being all insidious. This was another issue in a long line of slow-moving Bendis issues. I'm not blown away by it, but neither am I bored by it.

A question, though. At the end of New Avengers 42, Spider-Woman and the Avengers and the X-men go to Genosha to confront Wanda Maximoff, and then the "film" burns and it fades out. When did this happen? Wasn't this after House Of M, which was before the beginning of the New Avengers, which clearly took place before this confrontation in this issue? This is me being confused, not being a continuity nitpicker. I don't get it! Oh well.

In Mighty Avengers 15, it's the exact same story, but this time, with John Romita Jr art. Yes! Well, sorta. He does layouts and Klaus Janson does finishes (but Janson has always been a good mimic - either JRjr's style or Frank Miller's, Janson can do it) but it still looks neat. With this flashback issue, we take a look at Hank Pym being replaced. It's interesting, but it doesn't have the same punch, considering Pym has been a tertiary character for years. This issue lacks the wallop of revisiting scenes in a new light, like New Avengers 42. This issue had some good Bendis dialogue, and some good character bits, but like most of Bendis' Avengers output, there is little plot movement, little forward thrust.

So whatever. This week, Secret Invasion 4 comes out, and we'll see what plot twists Bendis has got planned.

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