Thursday, July 10, 2008

Secret Invasion 4

I wanted to start this review with a complaint that nothing has happened in this series yet, but that doesn't seem fair considering that it's a
secret invasion, more behind the scenes and whatnot. If I wanted to know how the Skrulls did it, I could just read the background info in the pages of The Mighty Avengers and The New Avengers. But no, I complained that the peripheral stories were boring and now I'm complaining that the main story is boring, lacking "events".

That's not entirely true. With this issue, Nick Fury and the new Howling Commandos take out a lot of Skrulls in New York, but they don't win the war. They also leave Ms Marvel to the enemy, assuming she's a Skrull. I'm not following the
Ms Marvel title, so I don't know for sure if she's not a Skrull, but that's the conclusion I'm coming to.

Also, The Black Widow gets Tony Stark back in the game. Or at least starting to get him back in the game. He wakes up from the virus and he says that he needs Reed Richards. Okay so now the humans are regrouping.

Finally, in terms of "events", Thor and the new Captain America come into the fray.

So I mean, it's not like nothing happens... it's just that nothing major is happening. For example, Jarvis having SHIELD surrender takes place over two issues! Talk about decompression! Also: oh noes, the Baxter Building is destroyed - big deal. It happens every decade. Reed Richards being taken off the playing field for half the series is major. But since Bendis refuses to have a focal character in this series, we're not feeling the sting of losing Richards.

I hate to do this so early in the game, but with in two issues of
Final Crisis, Morrison manages to create the same amount (or more) of dread and fear than in four issues of Secret Invasion. Both writers take the big brains off the board quickly: Batman and Richards. But with Final Crisis, Batman's exit is gruesome and hard to handle.

Yu's art manages to be serviceable and nice and terrible all in the same issue. Why does every male have to have the same weird lantern jaw? And every female has the same overly pouty lips? I dunno. There's bits where the art is tremendously effective, such as the continuation of the Jarvis scene. There, Jarvis is very creepy.

Hopefully the second half of Secret Invasion goes better and more grand. So far it's been average, but I wanted chaos on the highest level. C'mon Bendis. I know you can make the sh*t hit the fan even harder. Keep going.

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