Tuesday, August 26, 2008

32 Reasons Why I Love Promethea

1. Alan Moore who is easily one of the best comic book writers ever and is maybe one of the best writers of the 20th century, of any medium
2. J. H. Williams III, a terrific artist with a penchant form complex panel layouts, amazing fluid movement between panels and amazing experimentation
3. Mick Gray, the inker that frequently collaborates with JHW3 and gives the pencils their oohpmh
4. Todd Klein, the outstanding and prolific letterer. Everybody has their own style in this comic book, and Klein matches their personality to their speech bubbles
5. Moore's ability to craft believable dialogue, considering the fantastic story
6. JHW3's panel layouts, which highlight the symbolism and possibly even the emotions of the events and characters
7. The faux-lesbian jokes between Sophie and Stacia
8. Sophie's mom is a slut
9. The moebius strip that Barbara and Sophie walk on in issue 15
10. 5 Swell Guys
11. The Painted Doll is badass
12. The mayor's multi-personality
13. The widescreen issue that's like a horror movie
14. The caduceus named Mike and Mack, and in microcosm and macrocosm

15. Crowley telling a long joke over 22 pages
16. The 22 anagrams for Promethea spelled out in tiles
17. Each level and world Promethea visits has its own colour palette and artistic style
18. The covers are brilliant homages, considering that Promethea is the inspiration for art and the ultimate muse, it would make sense that each cover evokes someone who was inspired by the ultimate muse
19. The issue in which Promethea has sex with the old magician. Possibly one of the most beautiful sex scenes ever drawn in a comic

20. Issue 13, the lunar realm, which makes the reader's eyes follow the panels down, as into the land of the dead
21. Weeping Gorilla comix
22. The red and black palette of issue 18 when Promethea and Barbara visit Mars, or the place of stern judgement
23. Issue 23, in which Promethea fuses with God and hears all of the prayers ever said to God
24. Nobody is called a superhero, it's science-hero
25. The hilarious trial of issue 25
26. The fact that the series is about the 32 paths to higher awareness, and there's 32 issues. It's a longform serial novel with an intended beginning, middle, and end. Moore loves structure

27. It's the most entertaining lesson on magic and religion I've ever read.
28. I like how each trade paperback even follows an artistic pattern on the cover and backcover
29. Tom Strong's appearance near the end
30. Stacia as Promethea and the fight between her and Sophie
31. The end of the world plays out differently than you'd expect
32. The last issue which I own three versions of, the trade version, and two floppies, one of which is taken apart.

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