Tuesday, August 19, 2008

DC's November Solicits

There's some things I want... some things I could happily ignore. There's also a boatload of Alex Ross covers - some good, some bad. Mostly okay though. Let's take a look at the single f*%&ing thing that I would want to pick up:
Written by Grant Morrison
Art and covers by J.G. Jones and Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino
As the entire world turns against them, the last of Earth's Super Heroes must face the unstoppable power of the Gods of Apokolips for the final time. Supergirl vs. Mary Marvel! Superman vs. Darkseid! The fate of the Flash! And the incredible return of the New Gods! The End of Days has come and the ultimate war between good and evil will at last be decided on the battlefield of a broken world!
And as the skies bleed, as the walls between universes crumble and fall, the ultimate threat to life makes its presence felt as an evil beyond imagining arrives to claim its prize. Mandrakk the Dark Monitor is coming and the DC Multiverse will never be the same again!
Retailers please note: This issue will ship with two covers by J.G. Jones and Carlos Pacheco & Jesus Merino that will ship in approximately 50/50 ratio. Please see the Previews Order Form for more information.
On sale November 26 • 6 of 7 • 40 pg, FC, $3.99 US

That's pretty cool sounding and the cover's awesome too. It's a shame that Jones can't keep up and his artwork is slowly getting worse. The dip in quality from 2 to 3 is stunning. Let's hope the artwork is seamless, rather than annoying like Ordway helping out Jimenez on
Infinite Crisis.

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