Saturday, August 30, 2008

Kick-Ass 4

When was the last time I read this comic? God it seems like years, but it was really only in June, right here. Well, the fourth issue is out, so let's take a look at Millar and JRjr's Kick-Ass.

When we last left our "hero", he was getting his ass beaten but then saved by a katana-wielding loli. We continue right from that exact moment as the loli takes care of everybody and then jumps out the apartment building to her dad? partner? mentor? A big dude in a mask.

Dave then gets nervous about being framed for the murders of all these people and decides to hang up the Kick-Ass mask once and for all. Some other stuff happens, like Dave's pretending to be gay, and mobsters getting angry and trying to formulate a plan to take out the loli and her dad.

That's really it. This might be the thinnest issue of Kick-Ass yet. Other than introduce the two scary costumed vigilantes, nothing happens in this issue that I hadn't already seen.

This is a slow moving series. I said last time, that I would probably prefer this to be collected, and read in one sitting, as opposed to this interminable wait between issues.

I like Kick-Ass, because of the art and Millar's excellent dialogue, but on the other hand, it's slow and decompressed and would work better as a "graphic novel" than as a serial story. Oh well.

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