Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Avengers 44

Secret Invasion rolls on (slowly)! Bendis answers the questions plaguing the minds (of no one)! The Skrulls are invading and nothing will be the same (until next year)!

New Avengers 44 tells us the incomparable story of how the Skrulls figure out how to be undetectable. Essentially they clone Reed Richards and trick him into inventing a way for them to be undetectable. No real Avengers appear in this issue of New Avengers. At all! Not even a cameo.

So the art is by Billy Tan and it sort of shows the Illuminati and -

Wait. Stop everything. Stop everything.

If the Skrulls can clone perfect copies of humans that can think like the smartest man on the planet, why do the Skrulls need to send themselves? Why can't they send disposable clones with mental timebombs to be set off when the Invasion begins? Why did the Skrull queen go as Spider-Woman when a perfectly acceptable clone could have gone?

Think about it. Just cogitate on that for a moment. If you were planning an invasion, who would you send? Your head of state? Or a disposable perfect clone?

This doesn't make sense. Secret Invasion just got stupid for me.

F*%& you, Secret Invasion.

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