Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Random Thoughts

I got to hear "Radiodread" the all-reggae cover album of Radiohead's seminal OK Computer and I really really like it. Even though it's simply putting a dub or reggae groove underneath most of the songs, they're still entertaining and awesome as reggae songs. Something I thought I'd lost was "Dub Side of The Moon" the all-reggae cover album of Pink Floyd's seminal Dark Side Of The Moon. It's f*%&ing awesome.

AC3 makes it impossible for me to enjoy half the things I spent hours downloading. I hate you Archos for not including that in the actual product, forcing me to purchase the audio plug-in from the website, but since I no longer have a credit car, I am screwed.

Leaving half-empty cans of pineapple juice and Full Throttle in my room is a recipe for fruit flies and ants. What was I thinking?

Apparently the next Superman film will be "darker" and "complex", as opposed to the fun bright upbeat tone of
Superman Returns, I guess. I'm in the minority that I really loved the most recent Superman film. I really enjoyed the Jesus symbolism, the father-son stuff. It's all good to me. Also, the action scenes are breathtaking. In a perfect world, I'd see a Darkseid-Superman beatdown, or a Brainiac-Superman showdown. But instead, we get "darker" and "complex" which is utterly backwards. Superman's positivity and ability to stay upbeat is what separates him from the rest of the gloomy Guses. If you want a dark Superman movie, but still complex and engaging, perhaps having Superman contrasted against Darkseid is the best move, but it sounds a little too similar to Batman-Joker from the last Batman film.

Alan Moore's
Supreme arc is one of the greatest pieces of metafiction I've ever read in a comic book. It helps that the 12 issues are the tightest twelve issues ever. What happens in the first six are important to the next six, and so on and so forth. I love Alan Moore.

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