Monday, August 18, 2008

Secret Invasion 5

EDIT on 08/18/08:
Caleb over at Every Day Is Like Wednesday has a terrific post about the huge amount of swears in this issue of Secret Invasion, and how silly the swears are. Click here for one of the funniest takes on Secret Invasion ever.

Over at
The Weekly Crisis, Kirk Warren posted his weekly previews for the comics, and made this hilarious prediction about the fifth issue of
Secret Invasion:
After last month's promising Thor and Cap ending tease, they had better whoop some Skrull ass this issue or I'm going to be pissed.

Oh, who am I kidding? We all know Bendis is probably just going to flash to the Savage Land and have some random 'who do you trust?' circular dialogue with all the heroes and 70's Skrulls.
And you wanna know what happened?

He was 100% right. Thor and Captain America make absolutely no appearance in this issue, even though they were the cliffhanger of the previous issue. The important things that happened with this issue are that Agent Brand of SWORD got Reed Richards back in the game and he invented a thing that exposes Skrulls for who they are, and we know for certain that Spider-Man, Wolverine, Black Widow, Ka-Zar, Luke Cage and Iron Man are not Skrulls. Okay. I'm with you, still, Bendis.

The other thing that happened is that Clint Barton's wife turned out to be a Skrull and Barton went nutso and shot a whole bunch o' Skrulls, like as if he was the
Ultimates 3 version, AKA Neo from the Matrix.

Bendis, Bendis, Bendis. Really?

I'm sure this reads better in trade form, but as a monthly serial, it's lacking. The story progresses so slowly. It took five issues for the Savage Land subplot to finish up. Five issues. In the hands of Grant Morrison or a Silver Age writer, that subplot would be half an issue at most.

Now that Richards and Tony are back together, now they get formulate a plan to beat the Skrulls and all the necessary story beats will be hit, such as somebody stopping nutso Barton from murdering somebody in cold blood, and somebody making a long-winded speech on the differences between how humans fight and how Skrulls fight. The status quo will be "forever" altered and then we move on to the next event, which will hopefully be awesome.

At the fifth issue of
Secret Invasion, I'm entertained but at the bare minimum. Yu's pencils are adequate and Bendis' dialogue is adequate. Every month I'm hoping for an upswing, and it just never happens. It's just a steady languid pace of mediocrity. Oh well.

New Avengers 44
promises to explain why the invasion happened in the first place and I'm sure it won't help the main event.

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