Sunday, August 31, 2008

Why I Don't Blog About The Real World

"a lay of the land", if you've noticed, isn't really about politics, religion, disasters, the presidential election, education, literacy, psychology, or anything like that. This blog is primarily about pop culture, literature, comic books and stuff that happens to me.

When I started this blog, it was going to be a sort of "Dave's Longbox" kind of thing, where I just blogged about funny things, and moved on. But the more I write, the more my blog shifted into a hazy sort of "stuck in a cave with fingers in my ears, my eyes closed" sort of thing.

Apparently there's this crazy hurricane about to hit New Orleans and when my g/f was telling me about it, I had never heard of it. I also had never heard of it hitting Cuba and kicking Cuba in the nuts. Apparently, they evacuated New Orleans. Entirely. Wow. That's big news. Anytime something like this happens, it's big news. So why did I avoid it?

Well, whenever I end up watching the news, I just get frustrated. I get mad at the hypocrisy, the idiocy and the blatant misanthropy. For example, last night, the g/f and I were watching Fox News, an American media giant. On their local news, they did a story of an obese man who has to be moved to another hospital because the one in his city can't support his weight. He went to the hospital for mysterious stomach pains. He told his sister to tell the world of his story, and demand more respect for obese people, and that it's the health care industry's responsibility to support people of all weights and sizes.

Really? Mysterious stomach pains? Let Dr. Matthew diagnose this for you: you're obese and your poor organs are working triple overtime at regular pay just to keep you breathing.

Really? It's the hospital's responsibility to care for you when you've let yourself become 800 pounds? Where's
your personal responsibility for letting this situation get this bad? You live in a country where there's a gym every two blocks. You live in a country where there's big box chains of organic foods.

This is exactly why I don't read the news. I just get so frustrated and I don't really want to bore my (2) readers with my angry thoughts about the news or about politics.

If you want to know, I'm liberal with a strong stance on pro-choice, pro-welfare, pro-health care, and pro-human rights including gay marriage and gay adoption. I'm also a Republican because I hate hippies. I don't like anybody who thinks that anarchy is a solution or an end result. I hate middle-class kids who "choose" poverty when they're in university as it's insulting to people who are poor because of social or mental problems, and I hate anybody who wears a Che Guevera shirt. First of all, it's a cliche and secondly, what the f*%& are you saying? You support the overthrowing of the totalitarian government by guerrilla means? Whatever.

I'm also a Republican in the sense that I think everybody should get a job and if you don't have one, that's not my fault. I also think that capitalism is the only working system we've got (not the best, but the only working). But I'm also a liberal in that I hate big giant companies who gobble up all the world's resources. I'm also a Republican in that I don't really believe in gun control.

So my political beliefs are nebulous and slightly hypocritical. I couldn't stand up to a rigorous questioning of my politics from somebody who knows what area of belief I fall under - libertarian?

Nobody wants to read about my political opinions, so I stick to the unimportant topics such as Spider-Man and Thomas Pynchon.

Maybe in the future, I'll talk about the Real World, but for now, I'm sticking to the Immateria, to borrow a term from Alan Moore.

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