Friday, September 26, 2008

Fantastic Four 560

Damn. I didn't expect this.
Fantastic Four 560 was not only good, but since I wasn't expecting the quality, I loved the issue. I don't think I've liked an issue of Millar and Hitch's FF as much as this particular issue. So let's take a look.

Galactus is tied up, Doom and Johnny are tied up, and Bruce Banner is Hulked out and smart - so what's going on? Well, this issue helpfully explains a lot, including the reason why the arc is called "The Death of the Invisible Woman".... There's a great fight scene, a great reveal, a great explanation of who the New Defenders are. And there's some terrific artwork, unlike the previous issue which featured googly eyes. On top of the great interior art is the terrific cover.

This is exactly what I wanted from Millar and Hitch, but it took seven issues to get there. This was a fun, exciting and interesting read. Millar's whole thing, to throw ideas like confetti in the air, is actually working for him. He's crafted a Lee-Kirby style adventure, but trussed it up in modern trappings and decompressed it.

If you had been avoiding Millar and Hitch before, this might be the perfect issue to jump on. If you had been avoiding FF because of the Millar-Hitch quotient, this is the issue to change your mind. I now look forward to the next issue and I would strongly recommend this particular issue to everybody who will listen.

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