Friday, September 19, 2008


It's a good week for comics, I must say. Most of the comics I read are worthy of rereading and possibly buying in the trade paperback. So let's get at 'em.

Incredible Hercules 121

I missed the entire "Sacred Invasion" arc in this title, and I have no idea why. This issue is the beginning of the "Love and War" storyline in which Herc and Cho go to a hidden island for some R&R, or rather, Herc goes for some lovin' with Namora. They're interrupted of course by modern-day Amazons who kidnap Cho for babymakin' purposes. All in all, this is a well-drawn, entertaining, funny, action-packed, enjoyable comic. For mainstream Marvel comics, this might be the best title out there.

Secret Invasion: Thor 2 of 3

Matt Fraction and Dougie Braithwaite continue their breathless and awesome story of the Skrulls attack on the floating city of Asgard. It's really just a long fight scene, but it's so well done. This mini-series has done more than the main title of the crossover and has entertained me more. The issue also ends with a great "f*%& yeah" cliffhanger in which we know that Thor is going to bring the house down. My only complaint is the digital colouring directly over Braithwaite's pencils, which makes it all muddy and washed-out, kind of like
Ultimates 3 but let's not go there.

Mighty Avengers 18

Nick Fury trains his Howlin' Commandos. That's it. It's a single issue of the kids yelling at Nick Fury and Fury bein' all smart and old. He orders them to kidnap Maria Hill (who is not a Skrull) and they do and she's a life-model-decoy which impresses Fury. It turns out he's training the kids and training Hill at the same time. This was a boring issue that accomplished nothing. A missed opportunity can be sensed here. Instead of showing us the past, Bendis could have developed more strongly the fight in New York, thus making
Secret Invasion 6's double-page spread of NY's destruction more shocking. Bendis could have taken the time to show us (rather than tell) the characters and their battle with the Skrull. Not only would it have given Secret Invasion a little more depth, but it also could have developed these characters. This issue is not recommended, just like the rest of the crossover.

Action Comics 869

This is the fourth part of the "Brainiac" storyline, and I sort of like it. The art by Gary Frank is terrible and the story has taken four issues to get to this point? Boring. What I liked about this issue and this storyline is that Brainiac seems to be an amalgam of the previous incarnations, including the scary head-spaceship that makes me love Brainiac so much. But the whole Kandor thing, Super-Girl, Kat in a tight red dress, all of that is boring and not very engaging. What Johns does that is interesting is the contrast between Brainiac and Superman, highlighting their essential differences, which are very great. But Superman stands around and grimaces in pain for most of the issue so it's pretty much a wash-out. Only sort of recommended.

That's it for this edition of Mini-Reviews! Check back later for a review of
All-Star Superman 12.

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