Thursday, October 9, 2008


It's been a light couple of weeks for comic books, which is very good on my wallet, but not so good for the blog. In today's edition of Mini-Reviews, I'll be taking a look at a new Garth Ennis book, a terrific non-Morrison Bat-title and the issue that everybody's talking about.

Crossed 1

A new Garth Ennis comic? Excellent. Published by Avatar and drawn by Jacen Burrows? Okay. What's it about? Some sort of mysterious disease that makes people completely homicidal and the band of survivors trying to escape the nightmare. This is hardcore violence. In the Zero issue and now this issue, I've seen more blood than any other comic I've ever read, and that's saying a lot. It's too bad that Ennis isn't really anchoring it on any likeable or discernible character. Oh well. Since it's Garth Ennis, it can't be bad, but it can be average and that's what
Crossed is.

Detective Comics 849

In part five of the Hush storyline, Selina's heart is missing, Batman has gone over the edge and Hush gets more background information. Written by Paul Dini and drawn by Dustin Nguyen, this is another fantastic outing for the Dark Knight. I'm amazed that Dini could take what is a horrible one-note flat villain and make him interesting. He's still a lame villain with a boring motive, but Dini makes him work for this plot. At the end of this issue, it's revealed that Hush has changed his face to look like Bruce Wayne and that he's going to replace the original and retire the Batman. That's crazy. But super entertaining.

Action Comics 870

I reviewed the previous issue of this arc and determined that it was not very engaging and filled with boring subplots. Well, in the Brainiac finale, we get Superman busting out and beating butts and Supergirl finally doing something worthwhile. We also get the shocking death of one of the supporting characters. Spoiler alert: it's Pa Kent and he dies of a heart attack after Brainiac flies a rocket at the farm. We also get Superman releasing the bottle city of Kandor in the Arctic and thus we're set up for the New Krypton storyline running through all of the Super-titles. This issue had pretty much everything including the scary headship that adorns my blog right now. What more could I have asked from this issue? Stronger pencils from Gary Frank. His Superman looks sometimes like Christopher Reeves and other times like Richard Nixon. Inconsistent art, but terrific climax to a decent arc.

That's it for this Mini-Reviews! Thanks for reading.

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