Thursday, November 20, 2008

Blu-Ray makes my day!

Yay, a rhyming post title. Hoo-rah and all that jazz. I know it's been a bit since I've posted, but again, it's that damnable work sucking all of my time and energy. This week, I thought I would reward myself for refusing to purchase a lot of everything and nothing needed. I recently absconded from the parents' house with a Playstation 3, which is Blu-Ray enabled. What's amazing in these tangentially related thoughts is that since I got the PS3, I haven't picked up any Blu-Ray discs. That's amazing. Well, that streak (of a month) ended yesterday when I grabbed myself a copy of the best movie of the year, Wall-E.

Here's something to chew over. The 2 disc version of
Wall-E on Blu-Ray was $32.99 (Oy. I remember when DVDs were that price. Blu-Ray will go down in price eventually). I always buy the special editions of movie; don't ask, I'm a geek. Anyway, the 3 disc version on regular ol' crummy DVD was $34.99. So it was cheaper to buy it on Blu-Ray. Not only was it cheaper, but I would've been dumb to pass on it. In fact, it was my duty as a consumer to seek out the best bargain and therefore, I had to buy it.

Materialist rationalizing aside, I also managed to pick up Earth: The Biography on Blu-Ray for 30 dollars. Hosted by Dr Iain Stewart (sporting a ludicrously thick Scottish accent), this documentary takes the Planet Earth approach, in that each episode is based around an element, whether that be the atmosphere or volcanoes. It's all very interesting, but the narration and production values aren't up to the par set by
Planet Earth.

My first Blu-Rays... oh, I remember those days of purchasing on a new format. It's very exciting. I know for a fact what my next purchase on Blu-Ray is going to be: The Dark Knight, which I saw in the Imax last week. Every time I think of this movie, it gets better in my head. There's so much going on in the film, in terms of theme and character, and it's bad-ass as all hell. The Blu-Ray version comes out December 9 (the day after my dad's birthday) and is two discs. I will be buying that.

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