Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Meet the new family

You remember when you met my family? Well, I moved out from my parents' house on Halloween and now I live with my g/f in a house with three more people, two of which are a couple and landlords. It's a great set-up for both me and the g/f as we see it as a stepping stone towards our own place. That being said, I now live with a new family, and I'd like you to meet the creatures, great and small, although mostly small.

First off, there's the master of the house, Felix, a female black cat who is the epitome of evil. I've never met such a willfully mean cat. She will hunt you, scratch you and bite you with no provocation whatsoever. One time, I needed to get her up the stairs, so I stomped after her, thinking that a big hulk such as myself would scare her, but at the top of the stairs, she turned around and waited for me and slashed at me. She set a trap! Also, on Halloween, she scratched my face and my shoulder bad enough that people at work thought I got into a fight and/or car accident. Still, she is one of the cutest cats ever.

Next, we have the newest addition to the family, Magellan. The story behind the name is complex. On the trip to California, the g/f and I came up with nicknames for ourselves, mine being of course Han Solo and hers being Magellan because she was in charge of navigation. When we got to the Trees of Mystery, we each purchased baby sequoias. I named mine after the g/f, calling it Magellan (hers I named Latoya The Sequoia). At home, my cat, Sadie, peed all over the baby tree and killed it. The next day we got a bunny and we named it after the dead tree. See, I told you it was complicated.

Magellan really likes people and is very excited when anybody walks by or says hello to him. He also really likes snuggling with people, but I don't do it for very long because he poops and pees wherever he feels like it. He's very cute and we rescued him from a not great environment. We put him in the living room so that he can see everybody and be a part of the family. My g/f absolutely
adores the bunny and she's always wanted to get one.

So that's the new family. I miss my dog and my Sadie terribly, but I can still see them when I want as my parents' house isn't that far away.

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