Sunday, November 2, 2008


Fifth weeks are a strange bunch, alright. Let's start this edition of Mini-Reviews.

Battlefields - The Night Witches 1 of 3

Thanks heavens that Garth Ennis is as prolific as he is. I couldn't bear to wait months and months and possibly years for another project by that guy. Luckily, today, I read the first issue of his new ongoing for Dynamite. Apparently, the idea behind the series is to show the little known facets of the second World War, this time, starting with Russian women who are enlisted to fly planes. The first issue is tightly plotted, as we've come to expect from a writer such as Ennis, and isn't entirely set-up. There's some great character moments, and one terrific action scene. I really liked this first issue, and I look forward to the next.

Hellboy - In The Chapel of Moloch

Oh my god. A Hellboy comic written AND drawn by Mike Mignola? That's fantastic. It's been too long since I've seen one of those. This done-in-one story shows Hellboy going to South Portugal to help deal with a painter's problem with an old chapel. Hellboy solves the mystery quite quickly, and gives the audience a bit of a history and art lesson, then fights the crap out of a living statue. It's got the great art, it's got the fantastic dialogue for Hellboy, and it's got the fascinating story. But... the scale isn't big enough. If we're going to see a Mignola drawn Hellboy story, I want it to be The Wall, rather than Obscured by Clouds. I mean I liked the comic, but I wish there was more to it.

Incredible Hercules 122

Last time I reviewed this comic, I called it possibly the best Marvel title out there. This issue doesn't disappoint. It's funny, it's got great action, great character moments, wonderfully expressive art (Kevin Maguire-style) and a ballin' cliffhanger. Cho gets suckered into translating an ancient Atlantean text, Hercules gets blinded, Namor gets angry and Namora punches the crap out of everything. Again, it's a pleasure to read this every month and I look forward to it.

Secret Invasion: Thor 3 of 3

Can I just say that in this issue, Thor and Bill literally drop the city of Asgard on the Skrulls in order to kill them? What else is there to say other than that? Get Matt Fraction on the main title please. Right now.

Ultimate Spider-Man Annual 3

Oh, the sex issue. Normally, I don't read this title monthly, as I prefer to read it in trade, but I thought I would pick this up because it's a Very Important Issue. Mary Jane wants to go all the way. Peter doesn't. Spider-Man fights Mysterio. Peter and Mary Jane have the talk, and ultimately decide not to do it quite yet. Bendis manages to make the issue neither sleazy nor preachy, but it still strikes me as being Puritanical. Without getting political here, I admit I would have written the issue differently.... Anyway, this comic has some strong art, strong dialogue, and a decent way of dealing with their relationship.

Amazing Spider-Man 574

I admit right from the start that I couldn't finish this painfully obvious and cliched "relevant" comic about the Iraq War and my least favourite supporting character ever, Flash Thompson. This was a stupid comic that hit all the cliched bits, including the friend who gets injured and dies in Flash's arms. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

That's it for this edition of Mini-Reviews! Yay!

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