Saturday, November 22, 2008


Here we go...

Justice Society of America Kingdom Special Magog

Again. Another big title. Reading last's week Kingdom special made me sort of interested in the next chapter, which meant it did its job, so I picked up this new one written by Peter Tomasi and drawn by Fernando Pasarin. (Yes, the Tomasi that wrote the amazing Final Crisis: Requiem one-shot.) This issue does roughly the same thing as the last special: sum up polt points from the series and foreshadow events from the next big chapter. This issue specifically focuses Magog, the Marine raised fromt he dead by the mysterious Gog. I tried going to Wikipedia for more info on both characters, but I'm totally lost. Magog gets some background info, and some development, and he seems like an interesting character. It's not Shakespeare, but this issue, writing and art, makes for good comics.

Supergirl 35

No, I'm not reading this title normally. No, I'm not even reading the New Krypton storyline. However, this issue, focusing on Kara's relationship to her parents, and her kryptonite radiation, was interesting, but nothing compelling enough for me to read either the title or the arc. The art was okay, I guess, and luckily Supergirl isn't drawn like a loli. Decent characterization made this an okay read, but nothing to write home about.

The Punisher 64

No, I haven't read anything of this title since my beloved Garth Ennis left, but I thought I'd read this. Sort of wish I hadn't. Bad dialogue, murky confusing art, over-the-top narration, and Frank uses a shark to kill a man. Normally that would be cool if it wasn't for the pure Stallone-era cheese permeating the pages. This was not a very good comic.

Ultimate Fantastic Four 58

After jumping ship when Ultimate Thanos was introduced, I decided to come back to this title to see the fallout from Ultimatum. Would Marvel kill off Johnny Storm? No, apparently, not, he's "missing in action". Well, they tried. Anyway, this issue develops the Thing's character while he tries to find a cure for Sue's invisibility-induced coma from Ultimatum 1. This is a nice sweet fascinating comic for the entire family, and that's not a bad thing. No ripped-off limbs, no rape, and no ass-shots in this one. Through flashbacks we learn of the strange symbiotic relationship between Reed and Ben from their early years to the day of the "accident". I like how the Ultimate Thing isn't a carbon copy of the 616 Thing. He's a little bit more naive, but sweeter, almost. I really liked this issue, but I'm sad it ties into a Jeph Loeb event.

Amazing Spider-Man 578

Man, Spider-writers absolutely love the image of Spider-Man trapped under rubble. Mark Waid joins the team for a great first issue as Spidey takes a subway and gets trapped under miles of rubble when the train track gets blown to smithereens. Then, the Shocker gets involved, and there's a terrific close quarter fight with a fantastic exsplosion. After that, we're treated to a decent reveal that I did not expect and the story is continued in the next issue. Marcos Martin delivers a fantastic issue here that almost overshadows Waid's effortless writing. While the direction of the title is questionable, this story itself is phenomenal. I will definitely be reading the next issue.

Okay, that's this week's releases that I felt like reading. I tried reading the new Ambush Bug, but it did nothing for me and I couldn't finish it. Just not my taste, is all. Thanks for reading.

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