Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Ultimatum: Fun For The Whole Family

I wanted to do a Mini-Reviews! the other day, which included the new Batman issue by Grant Morrison, the new New Avengers and Jeph Loeb's seemingly okay Ultimatum 2. But then I saw this from the aforementioned Loeb issue.

Hokay, I'm not a conservation or a Puritan or a prude. I love sex and violence. The more boobs and blood the better. But it's all a question of audience, context and content. Are those nipples really required for this all-ages program? Should I be seeing intestines in a comic that's rated for teens and over?

No, I don't think so.

Does anybody really believe that comic shop owners are stopping children from purchasing this comic? Hell, no. LCSes need the cheddar, baby. They're not going to turn away a sale, unless they're complete idiots.

The other major question to ask concerning violence and sexuality is whether or not it's gratuitous; does it enhance or propel the story further? Is it necessary? I'm not sure that in this case of
Ultimatum 2, it really is necessary. The terror and confusion of the tidal wave is scary enough. The story is about natural disasters caused by Magneto, and so far, Loeb has been successful in portraying a New York post-disaster. It's jarring and unconvincing when the Blob (I think it's the Blob) is chewing on a girl's intestines. What does that add to the story?


And another thing, check out this cover image.

Wow. Look at Crystal's chest and waist. Is that not ridiculous? Who even believes that it's possible for a girl to have breasts like that and then go out and fight in superhuman battles? Good lord, sometimes comics frustrate me a lot.


Anonymous said...

What really gets me is Lilandra. Once a great leader of an empire now posing in a way that would embarass an FHM model.

matthew. said...

I don't even think I noticed her pose until you pointed it out. Gross.