Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fantastic Four 562

Good lord, when was the last time I reviewed this title, and what did I say about it? Oh jeez, it looks like in November of last year, right here, was the last time I picked up this comic. Also, I noted in that review that it was late as well. So now that the current arc is ended, where does Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch take their team fantastic?

To a funeral. Everybody worth drawing is standing around awkwardly while Sue eulogizes herself... and she didn't have time to change out of her smelly old unstable molecules uniform. Gross! Wolverine looks at the Hooded Man and they share a joke. Then Johnny makes some empty promises about meeting up with Cindy, even though we know he won't. Afterward, Ben Grimm proposes to a girl and Reed has a talk with Valeria and then with Doom. It turns out there's a super-supervillain called Mageddon, who's coming to destroy the world. Oooooh, foreshadowing.

This issue was well-written, I suppose. I'm unsure because Millar is simply hitting all of the requisite post-arc and pre-arc beats. He's in the middle, so this is a filler issue. The dialogue is uninspiring, except for when Doom is talking, so that balances itself out. Nothing exciting happens save for some toothy people landing on Nu-World to wreak havoc. I wasn't blown away by the issue, but neither was I bored to tears.

The art was serviceable. I guess Hitch was feeling the crunch, so his faces seem a little blurry and unfinished, especially after the funeral scene. The best panel for me was Grimm's proposal. Frankly, it's amazing the amount of emotion that Hitch has Grimm convey. Otherwise, Hitch's people suffer from the same complaints I've always had. No change there.

Again, we're looking at a mediocre filler issue between arcs, so what can we possibly expect? Not much.

Side note, is it just me or is The Wasp crying on the cover of this issue, when she clearly died two months ago? Confusing chronology, Batman!

Fantastic Four 562 was okeedokee but nothing spectacular or amazing or web of. It was just another comic book. Let's hope the next arc is tremendous. Or it's the Christmas issue coming out two and half months late. Way to go, Hitch and Millar.

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