Sunday, January 18, 2009

Final Crisis Endgame

We've got two issues left of Final Crisis that are worth me picking up. Obviously there's Final Crisis 7, as well as Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 2. You'll remember that I liked Superman Beyond 1, and wrote a long essay about it, so I'm fairly interested in the conclusion of that miniseries. But what about Final Crisis 7? In my review for issue 6, I said that I looked forward to the ending, but I wasn't desperately holding my breath for it. Let's take a look at it....

Here's the solicitation:
The dramatic finale to the epic, seven-part saga of the DC multiverse concludes with an apocalyptic battle for the soul of humanity that must be seen to be believed! Can the heroes of 52 Earths save the multiverse? And is the only way to save it, to change it forever?
That sounds interesting... I guess. I suppose that the DC Universe will be irrevocably changed after this issue, but I can't really see that happening. Many comic critics and bloggers and academics have written reams and reams of pages upon pages on how comics are designed to maintain a status quo; a good writer provides the illusion of change. I'm not going to spend an entire post discussing this, or even providing an opinion. This is something that happens, the maintaining of the status quo, and it's neither good nor bad. It just is.

So will Grant Morrison buck the trend? Will he give us an illusion of change? And what if he actually changes things? Turns the heroes of the DC Universe into New Gods?

It's not like this idea is foreign or new to the writer. At the end of his JLA arc, World War III, he had the Purple Ray turn every human on the planet into a superhero in order to defeat Mageddon.

A recurring theme in his work is the ability of the human to evolve his consciousness onto a higher plane, and a good metaphor for increased awareness of the universe is to have superpowers.

So, Fifth World New Gods including Superman, The Flash, Wonderwoman, and Mister Terrific? Yeah, for sure that's a possibility.

But I don't know. It doesn't seem likely. Maybe they'll all become gods temporarily. But as a status quo? It doesn't seem likely.

What I am looking forward to is 30 pages of Doug Mahnke. His brief stint on Final Crisis 6 was the art highlight of the entire issue. Superman ripped shit up, and it looked f*%&ing awesome. Let's hope he brings his A game for both Final Crisis 7 and Superman Beyond.

As a whole, I'm liking Final Crisis. Let's hope the conclusion doesn't disappoint.

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